What is Láidir. Circular Mobility?

We are a Scottish technology startup company with a mission to enable and promote profitable and sustainable bio based and circular non fossil fuel mobility solutions.

We support nature

Our solutions utilise a liquid energy carrier, produced from various Non Fossil sources and Technologies such as Bio waste, Direct Air Carbon Capture, Green H2 and Renewable electricity.

We develop Heavy Commercial Vehicle power units

Our power unit replaces internal combustion diesel engines to provide electric propulsion for Trucks, busses, and heavy machinery.

We incorporate Web 2 & 3

Our software creates value and peace of mind.

What is unique about our power unit?

Electric drivetrains are exceptionally powerful and well suited for use in Trucks & Busses. So why not refuel an electric truck with a liquid, using existing infrastructure?
This is our offer.

Our Target Markets

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Recreation Vehicles

A complete energy system for RV's.
Propulsion and standby power for those who want to explore our globe.

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Fire and Rescue

Eliminates duty cycle risks.

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Extreme Weather

Vehicle performance is not affected by cold or hot weather.

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One energy source for all rural transport needs.

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Road Transport

No risks to the supply chain as existing routes can be supported at low cost.

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Off Road Machines
On Site Refuelling

Long duty cycles and ability to refill at site.

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Filling Stations

Utilise existing infrastructure to refill.

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Vehicle integration

Possible to upgrade existing vehicle assets.

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Near silent operation for the perfect

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